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What’s Wrong with Primary Sources?

| November 18, 2012

Last week at the request of one of my colleagues at the Library of Congress, I compiled a list of organizations and individuals who regularly tweet about primary sources. Just in case I had missed any, I searched Twitter for the keywords primary sources. Since I follow teachers and education organizations almost exclusively, I was surprised […]

Windmills or Wind Turbines? A Portuguese Metaphor

| June 18, 2012

Since I started a consulting job with the Library of Congress in late March, I’ve led a whirlwind life, complete with a previously planned two-week trip to Portugal and Spain, a two-day Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium meeting in Washington, a week-long Summer Teacher Institute at the Library of Congress, meetings, gallery openings, graduations, and […]

Catching Up…Again

| September 14, 2011

So often I think that I have to write something profound in my Primary Source Librarian posts that I simply decide not to write anything at all. I suspect that’s a challenge for many bloggers. So today I’m just going to catch up on a few of my summer workshop activities. Maybe that will help […]

When Learning Connects

| April 5, 2011

I’ve been thinking lately about how often our students experience the joy that comes with connected learning. Nothing delights me more than those moments when I can connect whatever sources I’m reading, listening to, or viewing with each other and with my world. Here’s a recent example: I’m listening to an book of Unbroken: A World […]

The Hispanic Experience in Colorado

| February 23, 2011

Last week I helped out at an all-day workshop in Denver for 3rd and 4th grade teachers called “The Hispanic Experience in Colorado.” The grant-funded workshop was the result of a collaboration among History Colorado, the Center for Colorado and the West at Auraria Library, and Teaching with Primary Sources – Colorado (Library of Congress). The […]

Adding Hispanics to 4th Grade State History

| February 9, 2011

Two days ago I attended a grant planning meeting for “The Hispanic Experience in Colorado” – a collaboration among Teaching with Primary Sources-Colorado, The Center for Colorado & the West, and History Colorado. We developed an agenda for a one-day face-to-face workshop, to be followed by six weeks of online collaboration. We are expecting about […]

Back in the Primary Source Librarian Blog Business

| August 9, 2010

Time passes swiftly when you’re NOT writing a blog. Apparently I needed a longer vacation from blogging than I predicted back in January. What have I been doing? Well… Two trips to Europe–Sicily in April and Brittany (northwest France) in June. I continued my Italian studies and brushed up on my once fluent French. Hours […]

Lincoln Institutes – Register Now!

| February 7, 2009

A week ago I had an opportunity to present and facilitate at Librarian Days 2009, a two-day workshop organized each year by Teaching with Primary Sources–Colorado (TPS–Colorado). The TPS folks do such an amazing job! This year we based much of the event on the inquiry learning expertise of Leslie Maniotes, co-author (with Carol C. […]

In Lincoln’s Hand

| January 14, 2009

Just in case you have not read this elsewhere, there’s a new book out about Abraham Lincoln, and I think I’m going to have to buy it. The Library of Congress has just published the book–In Lincoln’s Hand–as a companion piece to their upcoming exhibition of Lincoln artifacts. “On the occasion of the 200th anniversary […]

An Experiment with VoiceThread and Primary Sources

| July 3, 2008

This week I had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Teaching with Primary Sources – Colorado program to a most enjoyable group of educators in Colorado Springs. I had been trying to incorporate primary sources from the 1908 Democratic National Convention in Denver because of the upcoming July 31-Aug. 1 When History Happens […]