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Cherry Blossoms, “The Library of Congress Experience,” and “MyLOC”

Next spring when the cherry trees bloom, maybe I’ll be able to fly to Washington, D.C., to see all the great sights I missed when I first visited our nation’s capital in the early 90s–the renovated National Portrait Gallery, the new National Museum of the American Indian, the huge new Audiovisual Conservation Center of the Library of Congress at Culpeper, Virginia (covered with earth, perennials, grass, and trees to restore Mount Pony to its natural appearance).

Now a new exhibition is calling my name. It’s called “The Library of Congress Experience.” As I understand it, this “experience” is a fabulous interactive exhibit at the Library of Congress that opened to the general public just last Saturday. I suspect its “cutting-edge interactive technology” is something special indeed. Even my favorite author-historian, David McCullough, said that if you only had a chance to see a single D.C. sight, it should be the “Creating the United States” exhibition that is part of “The Library of Congress Experience.” (For more on McCullough’s speech, see Matt Raymond’s Library of Congress blog entry.)

As for those of us who can’t just pop over for a quick visit to the actual “experience,” a companion Web site comes to our rescue. It’s called MyLOC, and it’s well worth a visit and a bookmark. After I watched the well-done introductory video, I naturally clicked on “Educational Resources,” which took me to a screen of lesson plans and online activities. I definitely want to explore the “Zoom into Maps” activity. I also registered for MyLOC so I could add lesson plans and primary sources to “My Collection.”

Matt Raymond reports in his blog that the Library of Congress has also updated a lot of its signage at the Thomas Jefferson Building, so the place looks spiffy both inside and out. You can see the evidence on Flickr!

Cherry Blossoms

Photo by Allen Hayden Johnson


2 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms, “The Library of Congress Experience,” and “MyLOC””

  1. Kathy says:

    Great timing. We are going to DC in May.

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    I’d love to hear your in-person impressions of the new exhibition. One person described his experience on Matt Raymond’s Library of Congress Blog today (April 23), and in a comment, there’s also a link to lots of photographs. Here’s the blog link:

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