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Ciao, tutti!

I’ve been missing in action for well over a month, but I have two great excuses. First, I submitted the final manuscript for a book that will come out in 2009 (more on that in a later post). Then for four weeks in October, I became a student again–of Italian! The best part was that my five hours of classes each day were held in Tuscany in a little town called Montepulciano. After-school activities included eating delicious Italian food, driving among beautiful vineyards and olive groves, strolling through pretty villages, sitting in sunny piazzas, and speaking Italian with shop owners and classmates. In short, la dolce vita!

Just as I love learning from primary sources, so do I love learning languages. While I still experience only fleeting moments of genuine fluency, my Italian language skills certainly improved. My progress in the immersion program was steady in spite of the occasional “stupido” day. I also discovered that I am not alone in my love of languages. I made new friends from New Zealand, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Israel. What a rich cultural and linguistic experience to be surrounded by adults who “get” lifelong learning!

After I return from a reunion with college friends this weekend, I promise to my readers that I will again get into the blogging mode. Through all the writing and travel that have filled my days, I have been storing up lots of great primary source web sites and teaching ideas to pass on. Don’t give up on me!


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