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Time passes swiftly when you’re NOT writing a blog. Apparently I needed a longer vacation from blogging than I predicted back in January.

What have I been doing? Well…

  • Two trips to Europe–Sicily in April and Brittany (northwest France) in June. I continued my Italian studies and brushed up on my once fluent French.
  • Hours and hours of Twitter, where I have built an admirable Professional Learning Network (PLN) of educators. I follow #edchat, #sschat, and #tlchat whenever possible, along with many education-related groups with nings and conferences. I contribute under the name @johnsonmaryj. I cannot recommend Twitter enough as an efficient and effective route to Professional Development. It’s all @nancyw‘s fault, but she was totally correct.
  • A new contract to write eight columns called “Online with Primary Sources” for School Library Monthly. Two down, six to go.
  • Three workshops for Teaching with Primary Sources – Colorado and Teaching with Primary Sources – Western Regional Center. These took place in Denver, Albuquerque, and Austin. Oh, how I love getting my teaching fix through the opportunities that TPS offers me!
  • A new physical trainer along with a renewed commitment to fitness and weight loss.
  • Movies, reading, listening to audio tapes, neighborhood walks, morning coffee, art shows, running errands, trying out new technologies…just the usual stuff of life. How did I EVER do all this when I was working full time?
  • Finally, finally, finally…a newly upgraded WordPress blog, a few additional plug-ins, and a new resolve to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I send my sincere thanks to Todd Wolfe, Student Intern at Teaching with Primary Sources at Metropolitan State College of Denver, for his patient and skillful guidance throughout the upgrade process. It goes without saying that I could not/would not have done it without Todd.

So with my long absence accounted for, I welcome my readers back to what I hope will be a valuable use of your time. After my next trip — only to Iowa this time — I’ll start passing along ideas and resources for making online primary sources a rewarding part of your bag of tricks! Now if I can just figure out how to insert my own photo into the About the Author page. And make the Share This icons actually go somewhere. And, well, you get the picture. I’m a work in progress.

Real Work in Progress
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